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The Council was formed in 1987 by a group of rehabilitators, veterinary surgeons and members of animal welfare societies. The Council is run by a Steering Committee whose members are all actively involved in various aspects of the handling of wildlife casualties.


  • To promote the welfare of the wildlife casualty whilst in captivity.
  • To collect and disseminate information on handling, treatment, rehabilitation and release of wildlife casualties.
  • To disseminate information on current legislation relevant to the handling of wildlife casualties.
  • To encourage and support investigation and research into the health and welfare of captive wildlife casualties.


Annual Symposium

A one-day symposium aimed at rehabilitators and attracting over 200 delegates, including vets, students, veterinary nurses, members of animal welfare societies.


The Rehabilitator now available on the BWRC Website.

Recording Scheme

Quarterly returns are submitted from UK rehabilitators and the data collated in an attempt to identify changing patterns in the causes of wildlife casualties and the result of their treatment.

Funding of Investigation/ Research

Grants are given to rehabilitators to assist with the costs of veterinary investigation into disease problems. Occasional grants are also made to assist the funding of selected research projects.

Dates Referenced August 2001; amended October 2008
Contact Details

For general correspondence related to the BWRC Steering Committee: 
Mrs Anne Maskell, Minutes Secretary | anne@bwrc.org.uk

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For general correspondence related to the BWRC Steering Committee: Mrs Anne Maskell, Minutes Secretary 

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