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Our Mission

Mammals Trust UK is dedicated to working in partnership with voluntary organisations, wildlife experts, government and industry to conserve wild mammals and their habitats throughout the British Isles.

Our Aims

To raise funds for research and practical conservation based on sound scientific understanding

To increase public awareness, bring together all with an interest in mammal conservation and share knowledge

To create opportunities for people to participate actively in mammal monitoring and conservation projects across the UK

To manage key conservation sites to protect them for the future and to create opportunities for education, recreation and enjoyment of our natural heritage.

Fundraising and grant making

Mammals Trust UK raises funds from a variety of sources, including individual supporters, trusts and industry. Grant-making decisions are steered by an Advisory Group comprising representatives of voluntary organisations, statutory agencies and independent scientific advisers, and chaired by Prof. John Beddington, FRS.

Mammals Trust UK is administered as a restricted fund of the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES), registered charity no. 274206.

Current projects include the National Hedgehog Survey and the Great Nut Hunt for dormice (in partnership with English Nature and Center Parks).

Mammals On Roads Survey 2002

Mammals Trust UK has just launched the Mammals On Roads Survey 2002 in which motorists across the country are being asked to keep a lookout for mammals, either dead or alive, on the roads.

The aim of the study, run in partnership with the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, is to use this information to find out just how our nation’s mammals are faring in the countryside.

By counting road kills, conservationists from MTUK will be able to determine how many of each species is killed per mile, giving an index of population abundance. By comparing the numbers of animals seen year on year, it will be possible to register population fluctuations.

This survey is an extension of last year’s successful National Hedgehog Survey in which almost 6,000 volunteers took part. This was the first time that monitoring road kills was used as a conservation technique on such a large scale.

Almost 100,000 miles were surveyed across the UK, from the Highlands to the Thames Valley. More than 800 foxes and badgers, 5000 rabbits and 2600 hedgehogs were spotted during the three-month survey.

Preliminary analysis of the results seems to indicate a potential decline in hedgehog numbers in certain areas around the country, although without follow up surveys such as this year’s Mammals on Roads it will be impossible to find out if this observation is part of a long term trend or a minor fluctuation.

Anyone interested in taking part in Mammals on Roads survey should contact MTUK on 0207 498 5262 or checkout our website at http://www.mtuk.org

The survey will run from June until the end of September 2002.

Dates Referenced August 2002
Contact Details

Mammals Trust UK
15 Cloisters House
8 Battersea Park Road

Tel 020 7498 5262

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