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Pro Igel e.V.

We are a non-profit society of scientists, researchers, biologists, veterinarians, authors and the chairpersons of the six greatest German hedgehog protection societies. 

Our concerns

  • to inform the public of the hedgehog's problematic situation and induce measures to preserve and protect this species; 
  • to support projects which serve the purpose to study behaviour, biology and habitat of the hedgehog
  • to promote qualified care for needy hedgehogs; 
  • to collect and pass in relevant information, as well as contributing to international cooperation and exchange of experiences between those who pursue or support hedgehog protection.
Dates Referenced August 2002
Contact Details Pro Igel,
Verein für integrierten Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. - Geschäftsstelle - Office
Lilienweg 22
Telefon: 04321/31856
Telefax: 04321/939479

In Germany: You found a Hedgehog - what to do?
Call by phone:
0049-8382-3021 or 0049-8382-6023 or Call for FAX

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Reference Section of Website Specific Website link
W361.Aug2002.WEH1 German Page


W361.Aug2002.WEH2 Information on hedgehogs http://www.pro-igel.de/english/knowledge.htm 
W361.Aug2002.WEH3 English Page http://www.pro-igel.de/english/home-e.htm
W361.Aug2002.WEH4 Hedgehog Aid in the Garden  http://www.pro-igel.de/english/garden.htm 
W361Aug2002.WEH5 Literature on hedgehogs http://www.pro-igel.de/english/literaturtipps_engl.htm 
W361.Aug2002.WEH6 The Hedgehog Information Centre http://www.pro-igel.de/english/igelhouse.htm 
W361.Aug2002.WEH7 Which hedgehogs are in need of help? http://www.pro-igel.de/english/care.htm 
W361.Aug2002.WEH8 Links to other homepages (European hedgehog) http://www.pro-igel.de/english/igel-links_engl.htm 
W361.Aug2002.WEH9 When a hedgehog has been found... http://www.pro-igel.de/english/check.htm 

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