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  • How to Search - this page explains how to use the overall web searching mechanisms provided to look for:
    • individual PAGES
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  • The Guide to Wildpro is a brief guide to using the entire online Wildpro Encyclopaedia and Library.
  • Individual Wildpro volumes on CD-ROM each run from their own flowchart, not from the main front page of Wildpro. Additionally, the main menu bar along the top of each page provides access to the various sections of the individual volume.

Wildpro Referencing System

The Reference system in Wildpro is as follows:

B Book (except for older books, these publications have an ISBN)
J Journal (peer-reviewed; these publications have an ISSN)
M Miscellaneous Documents (often internal publications of organisations; may be available on the Web. Do not have an ISBN or ISSN)
N Newsletter / Magazine (not known to be peer-reviewed; some of these publications have an ISSN)
P Proceedings (of conferences, courses etc.)
Th Theses (Theses produced for higher degrees: PhD, MSc etc)
V Personal Communication
W Organisations and Websites

For further information see: Wildpro Reference System Explained

Copyright and How to Cite the Wildpro Electronic Encyclopaedia

  • The copyright for the supporting documentation and the images is retained by the original authors / illustrators / photographers / publishers. If you wish to duplicate / use this material please either
    • contact the originators (details are usually available in Wildpro in the appropriate section) or
    • Email us on

    HOWEVER - Please feel free to link to Wildpro and to download data from pages in the main system for scientific and educational purposes.

    We would appreciate your courtesy in acknowledging the Wildlife Information Network and Wildpro if you use the system for data or as a reference source. Please date your references as to the month your reference is taken as Wildpro is a living document and alters frequently.

    If you wish to use the material for commercial use, contact us on

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